• Accessing the node's GPU

    Most of the time, you will want to use the node's gpu as a general purpose coprocessor or to render data that will be composited and displayed elsewhere. Use the shared display for this by configuring environment variables to set your DISPLAY and your XAUTHORITY. For example in tcsh use:

    setenv DISPLAY :0.0; setenv XAUTHORITY /var/gdm/\:0.Xauth

  • Bringing the display back to your laptop

    You may want to bring the display from the submit node to your desktop. To do this, use ssh with X forwarding. If it doesn't automatically work, try running ssh -X vnodesub00 to use X forwarding.

    To bring a display back from a compute node, allocate the node using qsub as discussed in the section about submitting jobs and use a separate terminal and ssh connection with X forwarding to login into the compute node through vnodesub00. For example, try this in the first window:

    [fmccall@vnodesub00 ~]$ qsub -I
    qsub: waiting for job to start
    qsub: job ready

    In the second window, try:

    Fritz-McCalls-Computer:~ fmccall$ ssh -X vnodesub00
    fmccall@vnodesub00's password: 
    Last login: Wed Apr 12 23:38:57 2006 from
    [fmccall@vnodesub00 ~]$ ssh -X vnode11
    Last login: Wed Apr 12 17:33:44 2006 from
    [fmccall@vnode11 ~]$ xlogo

    You should see the X Logo on your local screen.


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