Workshop on Visual and Contextual Learning from Annotated Images and Videos

June 25, 2009, Fontainebleau Resort, Miami Beach

VCL Workshop
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Submission Information:

Camera Ready Paper Instructions

Please make sure to complete all steps by April 14, 5PM PST

Here are three separate sets of instructions: one is for submitting the copyright form to IEEE, another is for verifying that your paper is compliant with IEEE's requirements for PDF files, and the third is for submitting the camera-ready paper.

You must adhere to the submission deadline specified by your workshop chair. Please follow the instructions CAREFULLY; failure to complete any of these requirements may result in your paper being removed from CVPR09 workshop proceedings publication, and hence from Xplore.

1. Instructions for electronic submission of IEEE copyright form (eCF)

IMPORTANT: If you need to make changes to the title or author list, YOU MUST GO THROUGH INSTRUCTION SETS 2 and 3 FIRST. eCF is done through CMT. Please log in to your workshop's CMT site and do the following in the Author role:

* Click on the Submit IEEE Copyright form link at the rightmost column (which initiates eCF). Please read instructions in the CMT and IEEE sites CAREFULLY.

* You need to go through eCF for EACH paper separately.
* Since eCF can only be done ONCE for each paper, it is important that only one person (contact author) work on it per paper.
* Once eCF has been completed, IEEE will email all the authors as verification.

2. Instructions for verifying compliance of the final version of your paper

* Make sure your PDF file is IEEE compliant. If your file is noncompliant, it WILL NOT be shipped to IEEE for inclusion in Xplore, which means your paper will not be considered as published.
* The easiest way to check for PDF compliance is to use the PDF eXpress web site (URL: Click on the link "New Users - Click Here" and fill in your information. You will need the Conference ID which is: cvpr09x
* Follow the links at for information on the specific elements of PDF compliance. The most frequent cause of noncompliant files is the use of a custom font that is not embedded in the PDF file. You must ensure that all fonts in the document (including those in figure captions, tables, and figure bodies/ legends) are embedded.

NOTE: The PDF eXpress validation process is NOT the final paper submission process! Once your paper is valid, you must follow instruction set 3.

3. Instructions for submitting camera-ready paper using CMT

The camera-ready paper is submitted through CMT. Please log in to your workshop's CMT site and do the following:
* CMT will not rename your files, so please use the following naming convention:
Rename your files by papernumber.pdf (xx.pdf)

* Click on the "Edit" link under "Camera-Ready" and follow the
instructions there.

General instruction

Submitted papers must have a maximum length of 8 pages and must adhere to the same CVPR 2009 layout specifications as papers submitted to the main conference. All reviewing will be carried out double-blind by the Program Committee. Please refer to CVPR 2009 website ( for instructions on the submission format. In submitting a manuscript, authors acknowledge that no paper substantially similar in content has been published by other conference or workshop. Double submission to the workshops and the main CVPR’09 conference are allowed.

Author Kit

Submitting to VCL vs. ViSU

During the submission form, the authors will be asked to select the track to indicate which workshop (VCL or ViSU) the authors prefer to submit to. Please select 'Undecided' if you wish to submit to both the workshops. In such a case, the VCL-ViSU program chairs will make the decision to steer the paper to right workshop.



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