Call for Paper

Tuesday: 8:00-9:30 -- Photometry
S. Pont and J.J. Koenderink
University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
Surface Isoluminance Flow
J.-Y. Guillemaut, O. Drbohlav, R. Sara and J. Illingworth
University of Surrey , UK
Helmholtz Stereopsis on rough and strongly textured surfaces .
H. Ragheb and E. R. Hancock
University of York , UK
Surface Normals and Height from Non-Lambertian Image Data
Jan Erik Solem, Henrik Aanaes, Anders Heyden
Lund University , Sweeden
A Variational Analysis of Shape from Specularities using Sparse Data
Tuesday: 10:00-11:30 --3D and Faces

P. Cavanagh, M.von Grünau and Lee Zimmerman
Harvard University , USA
View Dependence of 3D recovery from folded pictures and warped 3d faces.
Donald MacVicar, Stuart Ford, Ewan Borland, Robert Rixon, John Patterson, Paul Cockshott
University of Manchester , UK
3D Performance Capture for Facial Animation
Filareti Tsalakanidou, Sotiris Malassiotis and Michael G. Strintzis
University of Thessaloniki , Greece
Exploitation of 3D Images for Face Authentication Under Pose and Illumination Variations .
Ioannis A. Ypsilos, Adrian Hilton, Aseel Turkmani and Philip J. B. Jackson
University of Surrey , UK
Speech-driven Face Synthesis from 3D Video .
Tuesday: 12:00-1:30 -- Geometry Processing

Craig Gotsman
Harvard University , USA
Geometry Processing: A personal Perspective
University of British Columbia , Canada
Pyramid coordinates for morphing and deformation
Mark Alexa
TU Darmstadt, Germany
Linear shift-invariant operators for surface meshes
Ariel Shamir
Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Israel
A formulation of boundary mesh segmentation
Tuesday: 2:30-4:30 -- Posters I
Pu Jiantao, Liu Yi, Xin Guyu, Zha Hongbin, Liu Weibin, and Yusuke Uehara
Peking University , China
3D Model Retrieval Based on 2D Slice Similarity Measurements  

P. Daras, D. Zarpalas, D. Tzovaras, and M. G. Strintzis
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
3D Model Watermarking for Indexing Using the Generalized Radon Transform
Tatjana Zrimec, Sata Busayarat, and Peter Wilson
The University of New South Wales, Australia
3D Modelling and Visualizition of the Human Lung
K. Mueller, A. Smolic, P. Merkle, B. Kaspar, P. Eisert, and T. Wiegand
Heinrich-Hertz-Institut , Germany
3D Reconstruction of Natural Scenes with View-Adaptive Multi-Texturing
Sebastiano Battiato, Alessandro Capra, Salvatore Curti, and Marco La Cascia
STMicroelectronics , Italy
3D Stereoscopic Image Pairs by Depth-Map Generation
Ozgur Ulucay and Sarp Erturk
University Of Kocaeli , Turkey
A 3-Dimensional Object Modeling Technique with Mesh Simplification Based Resolution Adjustment
Tarik Filali Ansary, Jean-Philippe Vandeborre, Said Mahmoudi, and Mohamed Daoudi
Enic Telecom , France
A Bayesian Framework for 3D Models Retrieval Based on Characteristic Views
Konstantinos Moustakas, Dimitrios Tzovaras, and Michael G. Strintzis
Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Greece
A Non Causal Bayesian Framework for the Generation of Stereoscopic Image Sequences
M. Trujillo and E. Izquierdo
University of London , UK
A Robust Correlation Measure for the Correspondence Estimation
Wen Qi
University of Technology Eindhoven, The Netherlands
A Prototype of video see-through mixed reality interactive system
Heather J Rea, Jonathan R Corney, Doug E R Clark, and Nick K Taylor
Heriot-Watt University , UK
A Surface Partitioning Spectrum (SPS) for Retrieval and Indexing of 3D CAD Models
Dragan Tubic, Patrick Hebert, Jean-Daniel Deschenes, and Denis Laurendeau
Université Laval , Canada
A unified representation for interactive 3D modeling
Mario Castelán and Edwin R. Hancock
University of York , UK
Acquiring Height Maps of Faces from a Single Image
G. Boström, M. Fiocco, D. Puig, A. Rossini, J. G.M. Gonçalves, V. Sequeira
European Commission - Joint Research Centre, Italy
Acquisition, modelling and rendering of very large urban environments
Anselmo Antunes Montenegro, Marcelo Gattass, Paulo Cezar Pinto Carvalho, and Luiz Carlos Pacheco Rodrigues Velho
IMPA, Brazil
Adaptive Space Carving
Fang Meng and Hongbin Zha
Peking University , China
An Easy Viewer for Out-of-core Visualization of Huge Point-sampled Models
B. Bustos, D. Keim, D. Saupe, T. Schreck, and D. Vranic
University of Konstanz , Germany
An Experimental Effectiveness Comparison of Methods for 3D Similarity Search
Viet Huynh Quang Huy, Makoto Sato, and Hiromi T.Tanaka
Ritsumeikan University , Japan .
Analysis of three-dimensional motion using a fixed monocular camera
Angel D. Sappa
Computer Vision Center, Spain
Automatic Extraction of Planar Projections from Panoramic Range Images
Nicola Moretto, and Ruggero Frezza
University of Padova , Italy
Bayesian surface reconstruction
Costas Panagiotakis, and Georgios Tziritas
University of Crete , Greece
Construction of Animal Models and Motion Synthesis in 3D Virtual Environments using Image Sequences
M.A. Zerafat Pisheh and A. Sheikhi
Sharif University of Technology, Iran
Detection and Compensation of Image Sequence Jitter due to an Unstable CCD Camera for Video Tracking of a Moving Target
Antonio Adán, Fernando Molina, and Luis Morena
Escuela Superior de Informatica, Spain
Disordered Patterns Projection For 3D Motion Recovering
Markus Feisst, and Andreas Christ
Hochschule Offenburg , Germany
Dynamically Optimised 3D (Virtual Reality) Data Transmission for Mobile Devices
Ali Lakhia, and Avideh Zakhor
University of California, Berkeley, USA
Efficient Interactive Rendering of Detailed Models with Hierarchical Levels of Detail

Tuesday: 4:30-6:00 -- 3D Shape Capture and Surface Reconstruction

V. Brajovic
Carnegie-Mellon University , USA
Some Unusual ways of visually sensing 3D shapes
T. Bodenmueller and G. Hirzinger
German Aerospace Center , Germany
Online Surface Reconstruction from Unorganized 3D-Points for the DLR Hand-guided Scanner System
V. Blanz, A. Mehl, T. Vetter, H.-P. Seidel
Max Planck Informatik, Germany
A Statistical Method for Robust 3D Surface Reconstruction from Sparse Data
Fredrik Kahl, Jan Erik Solem
Lund University , Sweden
Surface Reconstruction from the Projection of Points, Curves and Contours Using Statistical Shape Models
I. Ivrissimtzis, Y. Lee, S. Lee, Won-Ki Jeong, H.-P. Seidel
Max Planck Informatik, Germany
Neural Mesh Ensembles
Tuesday 6:15-7:15 -- Middle level Vision and Omni sensors

H. Madjidi & S. Negahdaripour
University of Miami , USA
On Robustness and Localization Accuracy of Optical Flow Computation from Color Imagery .
N. Gonçalves and H. Araújo
Coimbra University , Portugal
Projection Model, 3D Reconstruction and Rigid Motion Estimation from Non-central Catadioptric Images
D. Gupta, A. Kumar, K. Daniilidis
University of Pennsylvania , USA
Using Omnidirectional Structure from Motion for Registration of Range Images of Minimal Overlap
Ha Vu Le
Vietnam National University , Vietnam
A Structure-from-Motion Method: Use of Motion in Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Moving Objects from Multiple-View Image Sequences
Wednesday 8:00-9:20 -- Multiview reconstruction

S. Sinha and M. Pollefeys
University of North Carolina , USA
Visual-Hull Reconstruction from Uncalibrated and Unsynchronized Video Streams
A.Hilton and J. Starck
University of Surrey , UK
Multiple View Reconstruction of People
M. Magnor and B. Goldlücke
Max Planck Informatik, Germany
Spacetime-coherent Geometry Reconstruction from Multiple Video Streams
G. Cheung, S. Baker, J. Hodgins and T. Kanade
Carnegie-Mellon University , USA
Markerless Human Motion Transfer
Wednesday 10:00-11:30 -- Humans and Textures

N. Magnenat-Thalmann
University of Geneva , Switzerland
Data driven approaches to digital human modeling
A. Neubeck, A. Zalesny, L.Van Gool
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Viewpoint Consistent Texture Synthesis
C. Frueh, R. Sammon, A. Zakhor
University of California, Berkeley, USA
Automated Texture Mapping of 3D City Models With Oblique Aerial Imagery
Nikos Komodakis, George Pagonis and George Tziritas
University of Crete , Greece
Interactive walkthroughs using morphable 3D-mosaics
Wednesday 12-1:20 -- Real-time 3D modeling systems

Thomas Koninckx
Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium
A Graph Cut based Adaptive Structured Light approach for real-time Range Acquisition
Francois Blais
National Research Council, CA
Accurate 3D acquisition of freely moving objects .
Voicu Popescu
University of North Carolina , USA
Interactive Modeling from Dense Color and Sparse Depth
David Nister
Sarnoff Corporation, USA
Automatic Passive Recovery of 3D from Images and Video
Wednesday: 2:30-4:30 -- Posters II

Ioannis Stamos and Marius Leordeanu
Hunter College of CUNY, USA
Efficient Model Creation of Large Structures based on Range Segmentation
Adnan Ansar, Andres Castano, and Larry Matthies
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA
Enhanced Real-time Stereo Using Bilateral Filtering
Zoltan Megyesi, and Dmitry Chetverikov
MTA-STAKI , Hungary
Enhanced Surface Reconstruction from Wide Baseline Images
Stefano Ferrari, Iuri Frosio, Vincenzo Piuri, and Alberto Borghese
University of Milano , Italy
Enhanced Vector Quantization for clouds of points reduction and filtering
Hiroshi Kawasaki and Ryo Furukawa
Saitama University , Japan
Entire Model Acquisition System using Handheld 3D Digitizer
Szymon Rusinkiewicz
Princeton University , USA
Estimating Curvatures and Their Derivatives on Triangle Meshes
Antonio Robles-Kelly and Edwin Hancock
The University of York, UK
Estimating the Surface Radiance Function from Single Images
J. Cook, V. Chandran, S. Sridharan and C. Fookes
Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Face Recognition from 3D Data using Iterative Closest Point Algorithm and Gaussian Mixture Models
W.A.P. Smith and A. Robles-Kelly and E.R. Hancock
The University of York, UK
Facial view synthesis from a single image using shape from shading
Xiaotian Yan, Fane Meng, and Hongbin Zha
Peking University , China
Fan-Meshes: A Geometric Primitive for Point-based Description of 3D Models and Scenes
Georg Biegelbauer and Markus Vincze
Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Fast and Robust Bore Detection in Range Image Data for Industrial Automation
Indra Geys, Thomas Koninckx, and Luc Van Gool
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Fast Interpolated Cameras by combining a GPU based Plane Sweep with a Max-Flow Regularisation Algorithm.
Pekka Forsman and Aarne Halme
Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
Feature Based Registration of Range Images for Mapping Natural Outdoor Environments
Marco Andreetto, Guido M. Cortelazzo, and Luca Lucchese
Oregon State University , USA
Frequency Domain Registration of Computer Tomography Data
Nobuyuki Bannai, Alexander Agathos, and Robert B. Fisher
The University of Edinburgh, UK
Fusing Multiple Color Images for Texturing Models
Shohei Nobuhara and Takashi Matsuyama
Kyoto University , Japan
Heterogeneous Deformation Model for 3D Shape and Motion Recovery from Multi-Viewpoint Images
Paola Dalmasso, and Roberto Nerino
I.E.N., Italy
Hierarchical 3D surface reconstruction based on Radial Basis Functions
Pavel Matula, Petr Matula, Michal Kozubek, and Petr Mejzlík
Masaryk University , Czech Republic
High-Resolution Cytometry Network Project: Client/Server System for 3D Optical Microscope Data Storage and Analysis
Zoltan Szlavik, Laszlo Havasi, Tamas Sziranyi
CARI HAS, Hungary
Image matching based on co-motion statistics
Nicola Brusco, Marco Andreetto, Simone Carmignato, and Guido M. Cortelazzo
University of Padova , Italia
Metrological analysis of a procedure for the automatic 3D modeling of dental plaster casts
Subhajit Sanyal, Mayank Bansal, Subhashis Banerjee, and Prem K Kalra
IIT-Delhi , India
Modeling of Free-Form Surfaces and Shape from Shading
Akihiko Torii and Atsushi Imiya
IMIT Chiba University , Japan
Panoramic Image Transform of Omnidirectional Images Using Discrete Geometry Techniques

Zsolt Jankó, and Dmitry Chetverikov
MTA-STAKI , Hungary
Photo-Consistency Based Registration of an Uncalibrated Image Pair to a 3D Surface Model Using Genetic Algorithm

Piotr Garbat, Malgorzata Kujawi, and Marek Wegiel
Warsaw Technical University , Poland
Real time visualization of 3D variable in time object based on cloud of points data gathered by coloured structure light projection system.

Jasmine Burguet, Najib Gadi, and Isabelle Bloch
ENST, France
Realistic models of children heads from 3D-MRI segmentation and tetrahedral mesh construction

Wednesday 4:30-6:00 -- Human Modeling, Calibration, and Stereo
J.K.Aggarwal and S. Park
University of Texas-Austin , USA
Human Motion: Modeling and Recognition of actions and interactions.
R. Manning and C. Dyer
University of Wisconsin , USA
Self calibration without minimization
T. Ueshiba and F. Tomita
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan
A Closed-form Solution of a Two-view Self-calibration Problem under Fixation
D. Murray and J. J. Little
University of British Columbia , Canada
Segmenting Correlation Stereo Range Images using Surface Elements
Wednesday 6:15-7:30 Meshes

A. Mascarenhas, M. Isenburg, V. Pascucci, J. Snoeyink
University of North Carolina , USA
Encoding Volumetric Meshes For Streaming Isosurface Extraction
A Bogomjakov and C. Gotsman
Harvard University , USA
GPU-Assisted Z-Field Simplification
D. Laney and V. Pascucci
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory , USA
Progressive Compression of Volumetric Subdivision Meshes
Irene Cheng and Pierre Boulanger
University of Alberta , Canada
Adaptive On-line Transmission of 3D TexMesh Using Scale-Space Analysis
X Ju, Z Mao, P Siebert, N McFarlane, J Wu, R Tillett
University of Glasgow , UK
Applying Mesh Conformation on Shape Analysis with Missing Data

Thursday 8:00-9:20 -- Color and Shape

S. W. Zucker
Yale University , USA
Hue Flows and Scene Structure
Allan Dobbins
University of Alabama , USA
Color, Fusion, and Stereopsis .
Fredo Durand
Pictorial Techniques and Intrinsic Images
J. Park and A.C. Kak
Purdue University , USA
Specularity Elimination in Range Sensing for Accurate 3D Modeling of Specular Objects  
Thursday 10:00-11:30 -- Structure from Motion and Image Synthesis

A. Fitzgibbon
Oxford University , UK
From the Lab to the silver screen: Computer Vision and the art of special effects.
A. Rav-Acha and S. Peleg
Hebrew University , Israel
A Unified Approach for Motion Analysis and View Synthesis
Philippos Mordohai and Gerard Medioni
University of Southern California , USA
Dense Multiple View Stereo with General Camera Placement using Tensor Voting
X. Zabulis and K. Daniilidis
University of Pennsylvania , USA
Multi-camera reconstruction based on surface normal estimation
Thursday 12:00-1:30 -- Point-Based Representations and Geometry Processing

M. Gross
ETH, Switzerland
Point samples for efficient 3D processing and content creation
G. Kamberov and G. Kamberova
Stevens Inst. Of Technology, USA
Topology and Geometry of Unorganized Point Clouds
P. Allen, S. Feiner , A. Troccoli , H. Benko, E.Ishak and B. Smith
Columbia University , USA
Seeing into the Past: Creating a 3D Modeling Pipeline for Archaeological Visualization
Benedict J. Brown, Szymon M. Rusinkiewicz
Princeton University , USA
Non-Rigid Range Scan Alignment Using Thin-Plate Splines
Thursday: 2:30-4:30 -- Posters III
Marcelo Bertalmío, Pere Fort and Daniel Sánchez-Crespo
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
Real-time, Accurate Depth of Field using Anisotropic Diffusion and Programmable Graphics Cards
M. Gelautz, and D. Markovic
Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Recognition of Object Contours from Stereo Images: an Edge Combination Approach
T.-K. Linh, and A. Imiya
IMIT Chiba University , Japan
Reconstruction of Euclidan Planes from Voxels
Ikuko Shimizu Okatani and Akihiro Sugimoto
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan
Registration of Range Images That Preserves Local Surface Structures and Colors
Irene Cheng and Anup Basu
University of Alberta , Canada
Reliability of a Perceptual Quality Metric for 3D Objects
M. Callieri, A. Fasano, G. Impoco, P. Cignoni, R. Scopigno, G. Parrini, and G. Biagini
ISTI - CNR, Italy
RoboScan: An automatic system for accurate and unattended 3D scanning
Linmi Tao, Umberto Castellani and Vittorio Murino
Università degli Studi di Verona, Italy
Robust 3D segmentation for underwater acoustic images
Sebastian Knorr, Carsten Clemens, Matthias Kunter and Thomas Sikora
Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Robust Concealment for Erroneous Block Bursts in Stereoscopic Images
Levente Hajder, Dmitry Chetverikov, and István Vajk
MTA-STAKI , Hungary
Robust Structure from Motion under Weak Perspective
Raphaèle Balter, Patrick Gioia, Luce Morin and Franck Galpin
IRISA, France
Scalable and efficient coding of 3D model extracted from a video
Robert Edward Loke and Hans du Buf
University of Algarve , Portugal
Small CPU times and fast interactivity in seabottom surveys
Ioannis A. Ypsilos, Adrian Hilton, Aseel Turkmani and Philip J. B. Jackson
University of Surrey , UK
Speech-driven Face Synthesis from 3D Video
J. N. Ellinas, and M. S. Sangriotis
University of Athens , Greece
Stereo Image Coder Based on MRF Analysis for Disparity Estimation and Morphological Encoding

Antonio Robles-Kelly and Edwin Hancock
The University of York, UK
Surface Height Recovery Using Heat Flow and Manifold Embedding
Angel D. Sappa
Computer Vision Center, Spain
Surface Model Generation from Range Images of Industrial Environments
Georgii Khachaturov and Rafael Moncayo-Muños
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico
Synthetic Image of Multiresolution Sketch Leads to New Features
Hossein Ragheb, Antonio Robles-Kelly and Edwin R. Hancock
University of York, York, UK.
Testing Reflectance Models Against Radiance Data
Pezhman Firoozfam and Shahriar Negahdaripour
University of Miami, USA
Theoretical Accuracy Analysis of N-Ocular Vision Systems
Yi Liu, Jiantao Pu, Hongbin Zha; Weibin Liu, and Yusuke Uehara
Peking University, China
Thickness Histogram and Statistical Harmonic Representation for 3D Model Retrieval
Mikio Shinya
Toho University, Japan
Unifying Measured Point Sequences of Deforming Objects
Angel D. Sappa, Niki Aifanti, Sotiris Malassiotis and Michael G. Strintzis
Computer Vision Center, Spain
Unsupervised Motion Classification by means of Efficient Feature Selection and Tracking
Muhammad Hussain, Yoshihiro Okada, and Koichi Niijima
Kyushu University, Japan.
User-Controlled Simplification of Polygonal Models
Leonid I. Dimitrov and Milos Sramek
OEAW-Visualisierung, Austria
Using 3D-Bresenham for Resampling Structured Grids
D. Biccari, D.Calabrese, D.Gurnett, R.Huff, L.Marinangeli, R.Jordan, E. Nielsen, G.G.Ori, G.Picardi, J.Plaut, F.Provvedi, R.Seu, and E.Zampolini
University La Sapienza, Italy
VENUS Subsurface Ionosphere radar Sounder: VENSIS
P.A. Redert
Philips Research Laboratories, The Netherlands
Visualization of Arbitrary-shaped 3D Scenes on Depth-limited 3D Displays

Thursday 4:30-6:00 -- Exotic Sensing and Shape Matching

G. Barbastathis
Novel Diffractive optical elements and algorithms for real-time 3D and hyperspectral imaging .
A. Ogale and Y. Aloimonos
University of Maryland , USA
The role of shape on matching
P. Daras, D. Zarpalas, D. Tzovaras and M.G. Strintzis
University of Thessaloniki , Greece
Shape Matching Using the 3D Radon Transform
C. Fookes, A. Maeder, S. Sridharan, J. Cook
Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Multispectral Stereo Image Matching using mutual information
Thursday 6:15-7:30 -- Image Processing and Geometry

M Petrou, F Mohanna and V Kovalev
University of Surrey , UK
3D non-linear invisible boundary detection filters
Stefan Burkhardt, Kimmo Fredriksson, Petri Tuomas Ojamies, Janne Ravantti, Esko Ukkonen
University of Helsinki, Finnland
Local approximate 3D matching of proteins in viral cryo-EM density maps
MingChing Chang, Frederic F. Leymarie, Benjamin B. Kimia
Brown University , USA
3D Shape Registration using Regularized Shock Scaffolds
G. Peyré and L. Cohen
University Paris Dauphine, France
Surface Segmentation Using Geodesic Centroidal Tesselation
Takeshi Masuda
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan
Filling the Signed Distance Field by Fitting Local Quadrics

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