Workshop on Recent Trends in Computer Vision, 2014

February 24, 2014

University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, US


        8.00 AM - 8.30 AM     BREAKFAST

        8.30 AM - 8.45 AM Introduction

        Session chair: Yiannis Aloimonos
        8.45 AM - 9.00 AM Zhouchen Lin: Recent advances in subspace clustering
        9.00 AM - 9.15 AM Zhuowen Tu: Unsupervised/weakly-supervised object discovery and mid-level visual concept learning
        9.15 AM - 9.30 AM Raquel Urtasun: TBA
        9.30 AM - 9.45 AM Nuno Vasconcelos: Using text to improve vision
        9.45 AM - 10.00 AM Octavia Camps: Dynamics-based invariants for video understanding
        10.00 AM - 10.15 AM Tal Hassner: Viewing real-world faces in 3D
        10.15 AM - 10.30 AM Rahul Sukthankar: Fixing video action recognition

        10.30 AM - 10.45 AM     COFFEE BREAK

        Session chair: Rama Chellappa
        10.45 AM - 11.00 AM Fredrik Kahl: Tractable algorithms for robust model estimation
        11.00 AM - 11.15 AM Daniel Cremers: Convex relaxation methods for semantic image segmentation
        11.15 AM - 11.30 AM Erik Learned-Miller: Instantaneous motion segmentation: on-line methods using flow orientation fields
        11.30 AM - 11.45 AM Jana Kosecka: Semantic segmentation for robotic systems
        11.45 AM - 12.00 PM Edwin Hancock: Quantum walks - what they can do that classical walks can not
        12.00 PM - 12.15 PM Rita Cucchiara: The challenge of tracking social groups in crowd
        12.15 PM - 12.30 PM Haibin Ling: Multi-dimensional assignment via rank-1 tensor approximation for multi-target tracking


        Session chair: Francisco Barranco
        1.30 PM - 1.45 PM Tal Arbel: Probabilistic inference in computer vision and medical imaging
        1.45 PM - 2.00 PM Lihi Zelnik-Manor: SIFTpack: a compact representation for efficient SIFT matching
        2.00 PM - 2.15 PM Kobus Barnard: Top-down statistical modelling of static and dynamic scenes
        2.15 PM - 2.30 PM Petia Radeva: Statistical approach for video segmentation: applications to medical imaging and lifelogging
        2.30 PM - 2.45 PM Piotr Dollar: From edges to objects
        2.45 PM - 3.00 PM James Rehg: Visual attention and object saliency
        3.00 PM - 3.15 PM Kostas Daniilidis: Active vision revisited
        3.15 PM - 3.30 PM Paolo Favaro: Research highlights at the computer vision group in Bern

        3.30 PM - 3.45 PM     COFFEE BREAK

        Session chair: Vishal Patel
        3.45 PM - 4.00 PM David Jacobs: Part detection and species identification
        4.00 PM - 4.15 PM Lourdes Agapito: 3D capture of dynamic scenes
        4.15 PM - 4.30 PM Simon Lucey: Convolutional regression for sensing the 3D world
        4.30 PM - 4.45 PM Fernando de la Torre: Factorized graph matching
        4.45 PM - 5.00 PM Ioannis Kakadiaris: Human analytics: from biometrics to biomedicine
        5.00 PM - 5.15 PM Arun Ross: De-identifying biometric images using visual cryptography and mixing techniques
        5.15 PM - 5.30 PM Christoph Lampert: Learning with asymmetric data distribution


         FaceMatch: Visual search of missing persons during a disaster event
                 E. Borovikov, S. Vajda, S. Candemir, G. Lingappa, S. Antani, M. Gill, G. Thoma
         Active clustering and subclustering
                 A. Biswas, D. Jacobs
         Affordance of object parts from geometric features
                 A. Myers, A. Kanazawa, C. Fermuller, Y. Aloimonos
         Anomaly detection on outdoor images using sparse representations
                 X. Gibert-Serra, V. Patel, R. Chellappa
         Contour-based object recognition using Image Torque
                 C. L. Teo, C. Fermuller, Y. Aloimonos
         Computationally efficient regression on a dependency graph for human pose estimation
                 K. Hara, R. Chellappa
         Tracking people in high density crowds
                 M. Rodriguez, I. Laptev, J. Sivic, J. Ponce
         Feature selection for ratio-trace problems using multiple kernel learning
                 R. Vemulapalli, R. Chellappa
         Shadow free segmentation in still images using local density measure
                 A. Ecins, C. Fermuller, Y. Aloimonos
         Robust feature matching for endoscopic reconstruction
                 X. Xiang, D. Morota, G. D. Hager, R. H. Taylor
         Adding unlabeled samples to categories by learned attributes
                 J. Choi, M. Rastegari, A. Farhadi, L. S. Davis
         Group action induced distances for averaging and clustering linear dynamical systems
                 B. Afsari, R. Chaudhry, A. Ravichandran, R. Vidal
         Hierarchical joint max-margin learning of mid- and top-level representations for visual recognition
                 H. Lobel, R. Vidal, A. Soto
         A hybrid CRF model for joint gesture segmentation and classification
                 L. Tao, L. Zappella, G. D. Hager, R. Vidal
         Combining per-frame and per-track cues for multi-person action recognition
                 S. Khamis, V. I. Morariu, L. S. Davis
         Human manipulation actions: segmentation, tracking and more
                 Y. Yang, C. Fermuller, Y. Aloimonos


        The workshop will take place at the McKeldin Library Building, University of Maryland.
        Campus Drive, College Park, Maryland 20742
        Special Events Room 6137 (6th Floor)