Research projects

Projectsort descending UMIACS Investigator(s) Sponsor
Accurate Computation Detection of Influenza Carl Kingsford NIH
ADEN: Anomaly Detection Engine in Networks V.S. Subrahmanian Army
ADVANCE: Crafting a Culture of Investment Louiqa Raschid NSF
Advanced Open Source Exploitation Models Philip Resnik Lockheed Martin Corp.
Algorithm Development Rama Chellappa JHU-APL/DoD
Algorithms for the Analysis of Data from Massively-parallel Genome Sequencing Mihai Pop NSF
Analysis Tools and Software for Second Generation Sequencing Data Héctor Corrada Bravo JHU/NIH
Assembly and Analysis Software for Exploring the Human Microbiome Mihai Pop NIH
Auditory Cortical Approaches for Robust Speaker ID Ramani Duraiswami IARPA
Better Network Modules: New Tools for Protein Network Analysis Carl Kingsford NSF
CDI - Translation as a Collaborative Process Ben Bederson, Philip Resnik NSF
Center for language and Cultural Analysis V.S. Subrahmanian, Amy Weinberg, Dana Nau, Philip Resnik ARL
CISM: Center for Integrated Weather Modeling Alan Sussman Boston U/NSF
Clashes in the Infosphere, General Intelligence and Metacognition Don Perlis AFOSR
Collaborative Research: Broader Impacts for Research and Discovery Summit (BIRDS) Samir Khuller NSF
Collaborative Research: Computational Thinking Olympiad (CTO) Hal Daumé III NSF
Collaborative Research: Exploratory Research on the Annotated Biological Web Louiqa Raschid NSF
Collaborative Research: Information Exchange and Social Factors in Human-Computer-Teamwork Decision Making Sarit Krauss NSF
Collaborative Research: Phylogeny of Lepidoptera Michael Cummings, Charles Mitter NSF
Collaborative Research: User-Centered Visual Analytics Catherine Plaisant NSF
CPS: Small: Methods and Tools: Robots with Vision that Find Objects Yiannis Aloimonos, Cornelia Fermüller NSF
Data-Driven Game Theory V.S. Subrahmanian, Dana Nau ARO
DC: Small: Cross-Language Bayesian Models for Web-Scale Text Analysis Using MapReduce Jimmy Lin, Philip Resnik NSF
DETAILS: Discovering and Explaining Technical Emergence Through Analysis of the Language and Structure of Scientific Publications (FUSE Program) Hal Daumé III , Kenneth Fleischmann Columbia U/IARPA
Distributed Domain Adaptation for Millions of Domains Hal Daumé III DoI/DARPA
DURIP: Instrumentation for Opportunistic Sensing Larry Davis, Rama Chellappa ARO
Efficient , Robust, and Cost Effective Tools for Ensuring Content Integrity Joseph JaJa Library of Congress
Efficient Algorithm for contextual Models for Image & Video Larry Davis Carnegie Mellon U/ONR
Evaluation and Translation Techniques in Support of DARPA BOLT Program Acitivity A Doug Oard, Philip Resnik, Jimmy Lin, Hal Daumé III IBM Corp./DARPA
Fast Algorithms for Group Between-ness Centrality in Massive Social Networks V.S. Subrahmanian ARO
Genomics Collaboration Mihai Pop, Héctor Corrada Bravo Lockheed Martin Corp.
Global Autonomous Language Exploitation (GALE) Philip Resnik, Doug Oard IBM/DARPA
Gorilla-DB: A Mountain Gorilla Database System V.S. Subrahmanian Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund Intl.
Graphs to Diversity: Extracting Genomic Variation from Sequence Graphs Mihai Pop, Carl Kingsford NSF
GRID, Public and GPU Computing Michael Cummings, Amitabh Varshney, Charles Mitter , Derrick Zwickl NSF
Group Recognition Activity in Vision Larry Davis Siemens Corp.
Hand Signal Interface Between Human Operators and Unmanned Ground Vehicles Ramani Duraiswami, Hanseok Sean Ko ONR
Human Language Technology Center of Excellence TTO16.11 Doug Oard JHU/NSA
Human-Robot Instruction for Perceptual Teamwork - SBIR Phase 2 Larry Davis Kitware Inc./DARPA
III: Small: Genome Assembly Using Sparse Sequence Info Mihai Pop NSF
III: Small: Issues in Understanding, Indexing, Querying, and Visualizing Spatio-Textual Spreadsheets on the Web Hanan Samet NSF
III: Small: Learning the Relationship between Anatomy and Spatial Hearing Ramani Duraiswami, Hal Daumé III , Dmitry Zotkin NSF
Integrated Research on Detection, Tracking and Activity Analysis Larry Davis ONR
Integrative Genomics of Human Heart Failure Sridhar Hannenhalli U of PA/NIH
Interactive Exploration of Temporal Patterns in Electronic Health Records Ben Shneiderman, Catherine Plaisant NIH
Language Evidence for Social Goals (SCIL) IARPA
MADCAT: Multilingual Automatic Document Classification Analysis and Translation David Doermann BBN Solutions/DARPA
Matching and Reconstruction Under Variable Lighting and Pose David Jacobs US-Israel Binational Science Foundation
Methods of Evolutionary Analysis of Eukaryotic Transcriptional Regulation Sridhar Hannenhalli NIH
Moving Objects Database Technology for Weather Event Analysis Shen-Shyang Ho U of FL/NASA
MRI-R2: Development of an Immersive Giga-Pixel Display Amitabh Varshney SUNY/NSF
MSB: Community Structure, Genomic Heterogenity Mihai Pop JHU/NSF
MURI: Computer Aided Human Centric Situations V.S. Subrahmanian Penn State/DoD
MURI: Dynamic Model of Effect of Culture on Collaboration and Negotiation Michele Gelfand, Sarit Krauss ONR
MURI: Opportinistic Sensing for Object and Activity Recognition Rama Chellappa, Larry Davis, Richard Baraniuk Rice U/ONR
MURI: Remote Multi-Modal Biometrics for Maritime Domain Rama Chellappa, Larry Davis, David Jacobs, Ramani Duraiswami ONR
MURI: Rich Representations with Exposed Semantics for Deep Visual Reasoning Larry Davis, Rama Chellappa Carnegie Melllon U/ONR
National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SeSync) Joseph JaJa, Margaret Palmer NSF
New Physical Methodologies for Genomic Analysis Mihai Pop U of WI/NIH
PAGE: Policy Analysis Generation Engine V.S. Subrahmanian ARO
Pathogenesis of Obstruction/Emphysema and the Microbiome (POEM) in HIV Mihai Pop U of Pittsburgh/NIH
Persistent Stare Exploitation and Analysis System (PerSEAS) Larry Davis Kitware Inc./DARPA
Personalized Medicine Initiative Mihai Pop, William Bentley, Debra Weinstein ONR
Petascale Algorithms for Multi-Body, Fluid-Structure Interactions in Viscous Incompressible Flows Joseph JaJa NSF
Profiling the Leishmania-Marcrophage Host-Pathogen Infectome Najib El-Sayed, David Mosser NIH
Q12D Collaborative System MIPS
Qualcomm Fellowships in Robotics Yiannis Aloimonos, Hal Daumé III Qualcomm Inc.
Real Time Algorithms GPS Video Guided Navigation Rama Chellappa Veterans Admin. Medical Ctr.
Research in Support of S3 Dana Nau, Ugur Kuter SIFT Corp./DARPA
Research on Probabilistic Spatio-Temporal RDF V.S. Subrahmanian NRL
RI: Medium: Improving Robustness with Generalized Meta-Cognition Don Perlis NSF
RI: Medium: Learned Dynamic Prioritization Hal Daumé III JHU/NSF
RI: Small: Collaborative Research: A Hierarchy of Describable and Localizable Attributes for Identification Search and Damage Exploration David Jacobs NSF
Robust Face Recognition from Still and Video Images Using Sparse Representations and Dictionaries Rama Chellappa, Joseph JaJa, Larry Davis NIST
Robust Image Matching with Deformation David Jacobs NSF
Robust Methods for Face Recognition in Unconstrained Environments Rama Chellappa IARPA
Rotorcraft Brownout Ramani Duraiswami AFOSR
Scalable Geometric & High Dimensional Algorithms Hanan Samet NSF
Scalable Processing Heterogeneous Collections of Highly Degraded Document Images Hanan Samet, David Doermann NSF/NSA
Similarity Criteria issues in Similarity Retrieval Hanan Samet NSF
Standards and Methodologies for a Comprehensive Framework for Medical Applications Antonio Cardone, Satyandra K. Gupta NIST
Statistical and Semantic Approaches for Object Activity and Intent Recognition Rama Chellappa ONR
Statistical Linguistic Topology Hal Daumé III NSF
Statistical Relational Learning David Jacobs ARO
Support of the Laboratory for Language and Media Processing (LAMP) David Doermann NSF
Supporting a Nation of Neighbors with Community Analysis Visualization Environments (SOCS) Ben Shneiderman, Catherine Plaisant, Alan Neustadtl NSF
Test, Tagging and Trust for Imaging Access (T3) Judith Klavans, Jennifer Golbeck Natl. Inst. for Museum and Libr. Serv. (IMLS)
Transcriptome Profiling of Trypanosoma cruzi and its Host Cell Najib El-Sayed Harvard Univ./NIH
TwitterStand: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff in Breaking News Hanan Samet NSF
University Partnership with the Laboratory for Telecommunications Science (LTS) Joseph JaJa, Jeff Hollingsworth, Mike Hicks, Ashok Agrawala, Bobby Bhattacharjee, Richard La, Wojciech Czaja, K. J. Ray Liu, Mark Shayman NSA
VIGIL: Visual Intelligence Grounded in Learning (Mind's Eye Program) Larry Davis SRI Intl./DARPA
VIRAT: Video and Image Retrieval and Analysis Tool Larry Davis Kitware Inc./DARPA
VISER: Video Indexing and Search with Event Recounting (ALLADIN Program) Larry Davis Raytheon BBN Corp./IARPA
Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) Larry Davis Kitware Inc.
Workshop on Full Motion Video Exploitation Rama Chellappa ARO