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Stewart G.W.  1998.  Perturbation Theory for the Singular Value Decomposition. UMIACS-TR-90-124
Vishkin U.  1998.  Project for Developing Computer Science Agenda(s) for High-Performance Computing: An Organizer's Summary. UMIACS-TR-94-129
Kuah B-T, Shneiderman B.  1998.  Providing Advisory Notices for UNIX Command Users: Design, Implementation, and Empirical Evaluations. Technical Reports of the Computer Science Department.
Stewart G.W.  1998.  QR Sometimes Beats Jacobi. UMIACS-TR-95-32
Shneiderman B.  1998.  Reflections on authoring, editing and managing hypertex. Technical Reports of the Computer Science Department.
Von Matt U, Stewart G.W.  1998.  Rounding Errors in Solving Block Hessenberg Systems. UMIACS-TR-94-105
Bader DA, JaJa JF, Chellappa R.  1998.  Scalable Data Parallel Algorithms for Texture Synthesis and Compression using Gibbs Random Fields. UMIACS-TR-93-80
Choi S, Agrawala AK.  1998.  Scheduling Aperiodic and Sporadic Tasks in Hard Real-Time Systems. Technical Reports from UMIACS, UMIACS-TR-97-44.
Bai Z, Stewart G.W.  1998.  SRRIT--A FORTRAN Subroutine to Calculate the Dominant Invariant Subspace of a Nonsymmetric Matrix. UMIACS-TR-92-61
Mount D, Pu F-T.  1998.  Stabbing Orthogonal Objects in 3-Space. UMIACS-TR-96-71
Stewart G.W.  1998.  On Sublinear Convergence. UMIACS-TR-95-92
Oard D, Dorr BJ.  1998.  A Survey of Multilingual Text Retrieval.
Roginsky J, Stewart G.W.  1998.  Time-Domain Extraction of Broad-Band Sources by Tikhonov-Phillips Regularization of Triangular Toeplitz Kernels*. UMIACS-TR-95-87
Stewart G.W.  1998.  The Triangular Matrices of Gaussian Elimination and Related Decompositions. UMIACS-TR-95-91
Stewart G.W.  1998.  Two Algorithms for the The Efficient Computation of Truncated Pivoted QR Approximations to a Sparse Matrix. UMIACS-TR-98-12
Stewart G.W.  1998.  Two Simple Residual Bounds for the Eigenvalues of Hermitian Matrices. UMIACS-TR-89-123
Plaisant C, Tarnoff P, Saraf A, Rose A.  1998.  Understanding Transportation Management Systems Performance with a Simulation-Based Learning Environment. Technical Reports of the Computer Science Department.
Gurney J, Purang K, Perlis D.  1998.  Updating Discourse Context with Active Logic. UMIACS-TR-96-62
Vanniamparampil AJ, Shneiderman B, Plaisant C, Rose A.  1998.  User Interface Reengineering: A Diagnostic Approach. Technical Reports of the Computer Science Department.
Shneiderman B.  1998.  Visual User Interfaces for Information Exploration. Technical Reports of the Computer Science Department.