Watermarking for image authentication

TitleWatermarking for image authentication
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsM. Wu, Liu B
Conference NameImage Processing, 1998. ICIP 98. Proceedings. 1998 International Conference on
Date Published1998/10//
Keywordsalterations, analysis;image, analysis;message, authentication;image, authentication;table, camera;frequency, coding;image, colour, compression;frequency-domain, detection;alterations, domain;image, EMBEDDING, image, image;compressed, image;ownership, localisation;color, look-up;watermarking;data, lookup;, method;digital, protection;table, storage;data, tampering;marked

A data embedding method is proposed for image authentication based on table look-up in frequency domain. A visually meaningful watermark and a set of simple features are embedded invisibly in the marked image, which can be stored in the compressed form. The scheme can detect and localize alterations of the original image, such as the tampering of images exported from a digital camera