VAST 2007 Contest - Blue Iguanodon

TitleVAST 2007 Contest - Blue Iguanodon
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsGrinstein G, Plaisant C, Laskowski S, O'Connell T, Scholtz J, Whiting M
Conference NameVisual Analytics Science and Technology, 2007. VAST 2007. IEEE Symposium on
Date Published2007/11/30/1
Keywordsactivities;large, activities;visual, analytic, collection;terrorist, data, heterogeneous, illegal, interfaces;, tools;data, user, visualisation;graphical

Visual analytics experts realize that one effective way to push the field forward and to develop metrics for measuring the performance of various visual analytics components is to hold an annual competition. The second visual analytics science and technology (VAST) contest was held in conjunction with the 2007 IEEE VAST symposium. In this contest participants were to use visual analytic tools to explore a large heterogeneous data collection to construct a scenario and find evidence buried in the data of illegal and terrorist activities that were occurring. A synthetic data set was made available as well as tasks. In this paper we describe some of the advances we have made from the first competition held in 2006.