Synthesis of novel views of moving objects in airborne video

TitleSynthesis of novel views of moving objects in airborne video
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsYue Z, Chellappa R
JournalProc. British Machine Vision Conference
Pagination290 - 299
Date Published2005///

This paper presents a method for synthesizing novel views of movingobjects in airborne video. The object of interest is tracked using an appear-
ance based visual tracking method. The on-object point correspondence is
then built and used to estimate the homography induced by the ground plane.
With known camera focal length, the surface normal to the ground plane and
the camera motion between two views are factored out from the homography.
In order to assure robustness of surface normal estimation, a rank one con-
straint is applied to decompose a matrix which contains the homographies
from multiple frame pairs. Given a desired viewing direction, the novel im-
age of the object is generated by warping the reference frame using the new
homography between the desired viewpoint and the reference frame. Exper-
imental results show that the method is robust and errors due to small depth
variations of the object is negligible.