The SwitchWare active network architecture

TitleThe SwitchWare active network architecture
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsAlexander DS, Arbaugh WA, Hicks MW, Kakkar P, Keromytis AD, Moore JT, Gunter CA, Nettles SM, Smith JM
JournalIEEE Network
Pagination29 - 36
Date Published1998/06//May
ISBN Number0890-8044
Keywordsactive extensions, active packets, Authentication, Computer languages, Computer networks, cryptography, cryptography-based authentication, high-integrity base, integrity checking, IP networks, LAN interconnection, mobile programs, network operating systems, packet switching, programmable network infrastructure, programming languages, Protocols, Safety, safety requirements, scalability, secure active router infrastructure, Security, security requirements, services, strong type checking, Switches, SwitchWare active network architecture, telecommunication network routing, Tin, usability, verification techniques

Active networks must balance the flexibility of a programmable network infrastructure against the safety and security requirements inherent in sharing that infrastructure. Furthermore, this balance must be achieved while maintaining the usability of the network. The SwitchWare active network architecture is a novel approach to achieving this balance using three layers: active packets, which contain mobile programs that replace traditional packets; active extensions, which provide services on the network elements and can be dynamically loaded; and a secure active router infrastructure, which forms a high-integrity base on which the security of the other layers depends. In addition to integrity checking and cryptography-based authentication, security in our architecture depends heavily on verification techniques from programming languages, such as strong type checking