Surface Segmentation through Concentrated Curvature

TitleSurface Segmentation through Concentrated Curvature
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsMesmoudi MM, Danovaro E, De Floriani L, Port U
Conference NameImage Analysis and Processing, 2007. ICIAP 2007. 14th International Conference on
Date Published2007/09//
Keywordscurvature;convergence, curvatures;concentrated, Gauss-Bonnet, problems;surface, processes;image, segmentation;, segmentation;terrain, segmentation;triangulated, surface;Gaussian, theorem;Gaussian

Curvature is one of the most relevant notions that links the metric properties of a surface to its geometry and to its topology (Gauss-Bonnet theorem). In the literature, a variety of approaches exist to compute curvatures in the discrete case. Several techniques are computationally intensive or suffer from convergence problems. In this paper, we discuss the notion of concentrated curvature, introduced by Troyanov [24]. We discuss properties of this curvature and compare with a widely-used technique that estimates the Gaussian curvatures on a triangulated surface. We apply our STD method [13] for terrain segmentation to segment a surface by using different curvature approaches and we illustrate our comparisons through examples.