Shape Analysis and Structuring

TitleShape Analysis and Structuring
Publication TypeBooks
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsDe Floriani L, Spagnuolo M
ISBN Number9783540332640
KeywordsComputer Graphics, Computer vision, Computers / Computer Graphics, Computers / Image Processing, Geometrical models, Geometry, Geometry, Analytic, Image analysis, IMAGE PROCESSING, Mathematics / Functional Analysis, Mathematics / Geometry / General, Mathematics / Graphic Methods, Mathematics / Mathematical Analysis, shapes, Technology & Engineering / Engineering (General), Visualization

With a lot of recent developments in the field, this much-needed book has come at just the right time. It covers a variety of topics related to preserving and enhancing shape information at a geometric level. The contributors also cover subjects that are relevant to effectively capturing the structure of a shape by identifying relevant shape components and their mutual relationships.