A sentence-trimming approach to multi-document summarization

TitleA sentence-trimming approach to multi-document summarization
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsZajic D, Dorr BJ, Jimmy Lin, Monz C, Schwartz R
JournalProceedings of DUC2005
Date Published2005///

We implemented an initial applicationof a sentence-trimming approach (Trim-
mer) to the problem of multi-document
summarization in the MSE2005 and
DUC2005 tasks. Sentence trimming
was incorporated into a feature-based
summarization system, called Multi-
Document Trimmer (MDT), by us-
ing sentence trimming as both a pre-
processing stage and a feature for sen-
tence ranking. We demonstrate that we
were able to port Trimmer easily to this
new problem. Although the direct im-
pact of sentence trimming was minimal
compared to other features used in the
system, the interaction of the other fea-
tures resulted in trimmed sentences ac-
counting for nearly half of the selected
summary sentences.