Security analysis for privacy preserving search of multimedia

TitleSecurity analysis for privacy preserving search of multimedia
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsLu W, Varna AL, Wu M
JournalImage Processing (ICIP)
Pagination26 - 29
Date Published2010///

With the increasing popularity of digital multimedia such asimages and videos and the advent of the cloud computing
paradigm, a fast growing amount of private and sensitive mul-
timedia data are being stored and managed over the network
cloud. To provide enhanced security and privacy protection
beyond traditional access control techniques, privacy preserv-
ing multimedia retrieval techniques have been proposed re-
cently to allow content-based multimedia retrieval directly
over encrypted databases and achieve accurate retrieval com-
parable to conventional retrieval schemes. In this paper, we
introduce a security definition for the privacy preserving re-
trieval scenario and show that the recently proposed schemes
are secure under the proposed security definition.