Scientific Freedom and Human Rights

TitleScientific Freedom and Human Rights
Publication TypeBooks
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsMinker J
Number of Pages564
PublisherIEEE Computer Society Press
ISBN Number9780769546605
KeywordsBiography & Autobiography / Science & Technology

There is a great deal of difference between feeling empathy for those whose human rights are being violated around the world and actually doing something about it. This memoir, written by the Vice-Chair Computer Science (CS) of the Committee of Concerned Scientists (CCS), 1962-present, and Vice-Chair of the Committee on Scientific Freedom and Human Rights (CSFHR) of the ACM, 1980-1989, is a first-hand account of computer scientists working with numerous other constituencies to safeguard or advance the human rights of scientists throughout the world. Drawing from the author's considerable archives from the period, "Scientific Freedom and Human Rights" is a treasure trove of historical information about a critical -- and relatively unsung -- human rights campaign, its successes and heartbreaking challenges, and possible lessons to be applied to future human rights campaigns. "The solidarity of the global scientific community was especially important in giving moral support to the intellectual leaders of the struggle for Soviet Jewry, helping them to continue their scientific activity even in a time of persecution. Their activism also helped to link scientific cooperation with the Soviet Union with freedom within the Soviet Union.... You will read these stories and see the support given many scientists throughout the world in this book." -- Natan Sharansky, Jewish Agency Chairman of the Executive "It is not very often that solidarity among scientists is brought to the public eye, and it is certainly not common for people outside science to associate scientists with heroic struggles for human rights, freedom, and dignity. Jack Minker's new book will change this perception." -- Professor Judea Pearl, University of California at Los Angeles