The role of compressed document images in transmission and retrieval

TitleThe role of compressed document images in transmission and retrieval
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsKia O, Doermann D
Conference NameMultimedia Signal Processing, 1997., IEEE First Workshop on
Date Published1997/06//
Keywordsapplications;progressive, coding;multimedia, component, compression;document, compression;image, computing;query, content;lossy, databases;, distortion, experiment;structural, hierarchy;symbols;visual, image, level, objects;data, processing;image, processing;visual, retrieval;image, structure;document, transmission;information, transmission;multimedia;network, transmission;rate

Document images belong to a unique class of images where the information content is contained in the language represented by a series of symbols on the page, rather than in the visual objects themselves. For this reason, it is essential to preserve the fidelity of individual components when considering methods of compression. Likewise the component level structure should be a prime consideration when ordering information for lossy or progressive transmission. We refine our work on document image compression as it applies to transmission and retrieval. We first overview the basic compression scheme, then describe a structural hierarchy which provides desirable properties for transmission. We present the results of a rate distortion experiment and discuss the implications for network applications