Robust two-camera tracking using homography

TitleRobust two-camera tracking using homography
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsYue Z, Zhou SK, Chellappa R
Conference NameAcoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, 2004. Proceedings. (ICASSP '04). IEEE International Conference on
Date Published2004/05//
KeywordsCarlo, filter;, filters;, frame, framework;, homography;, image, method;, methods;, Monte, nonlinear, occlusions;, optical, particle, processing;, robust, sequences;, sequential, signal, statistics;, tracking, tracking;, two, two-camera, video, view, visual

The paper introduces a two view tracking method which uses the homography relation between the two views to handle occlusions. An adaptive appearance-based model is incorporated in a particle filter to realize robust visual tracking. Occlusion is detected using robust statistics. When there is occlusion in one view, the homography from this view to other views is estimated from previous tracking results and used to infer the correct transformation for the occluded view. Experimental results show the robustness of the two view tracker.