Robust Object Tracking with Regional Affine Invariant Features

TitleRobust Object Tracking with Regional Affine Invariant Features
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsTran S, Davis LS
Conference NameComputer Vision, 2007. ICCV 2007. IEEE 11th International Conference on
Date Published2007/10//
Keywordsaffine, algorithm;feature, analysis;image, analysis;pixel, consistency;regional, detection;motion, detection;tracking;, extraction;image, feature, features;robust, invariant, matching;image, MOTION, object, resolution;object, tracking

We present a tracking algorithm based on motion analysis of regional affine invariant image features. The tracked object is represented with a probabilistic occupancy map. Using this map as support, regional features are detected and probabilistically matched across frames. The motion of pixels is then established based on the feature motion. The object occupancy map is in turn updated according to the pixel motion consistency. We describe experiments to measure the sensitivities of our approach to inaccuracy in initialization, and compare it with other approaches.