Robust matching of wavelet features for sub-pixel registration of Landsat data

TitleRobust matching of wavelet features for sub-pixel registration of Landsat data
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsLe Moigne J, Netanyahu NS, Masek JG, Mount D, Goward SN
Conference NameGeoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 2001. IGARSS '01. IEEE 2001 International
Date Published2001///
KeywordsFeature extraction, geo-registration, geophysical measurement technique, geophysical signal processing, geophysical techniques, Hausdorff distance metric, image registration, infrared, IR, land surface, Landsat, Landsat-5, Landsat-7, multispectral remote sensing, robust feature matching, robust matching, sub pixel registration, subpixel accuracy, terrain mapping, visible, wavelet feature, wavelet method, Wavelet transforms

For many Earth and space science applications, automatic geo-registration at sub-pixel accuracy has become a necessity. In this work, we are focusing on building an operational system, which will provide a sub-pixel accuracy registration of Landsat-5 and Landsat-7 data. The input to our registration method consists of scenes that have been geometrically and radiometrically corrected. Such preprocessed scenes are then geo-registered relative to a database of Landsat chips. The method assumes a transformation composed of a rotation and a translation, and utilizes rotation- and translation-invariant wavelets to extract image features that are matched using statistically robust feature matching and a partial Hausdorff distance metric. The registration process is described and results on four Landsat input scenes of the Washington, D.C., area are presented