The processing of form documents

TitleThe processing of form documents
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsDoermann D, Rosenfeld A
Conference NameDocument Analysis and Recognition, 1993., Proceedings of the Second International Conference on
Date Published1993/10//
KeywordsAUTOMATIC, business, detectors;, document, documents;, extraction;, feature, form, forms;, generation;, generic, handling;, known, markings;, model, modeling;, non-form, optimal, properties;, reconstruction;, set;, specialized, stroke, width

An overview of an approach to the generic modeling and processing of known forms is presented. The system provides a methodology by which models are generated from regions in the document based on their usage. Automatic extraction of an optimal set of features to be used for registration is proposed, and it is shown how specialized detectors can be designed for each feature based on their position, orientation and width properties. Registration of the form with the model is accomplished using probing to establish correspondence. Form components which are corrupted by markings are detected and isolated, the intersections are interpreted and the properties of the non-form markings are used to reconstruct the strokes through the intersections. The feasibility of these ideas is demonstrated through an implementation of key components of the system