Practical programmable packets

TitlePractical programmable packets
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsMoore JT, Hicks MW, Nettles S
Conference NameIEEE INFOCOM 2001. Twentieth Annual Joint Conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies. Proceedings
Date Published2001///
ISBN Number0-7803-7016-3
Keywordsactive picket language, Application software, complier, Contracts, Data security, efficiency, Explosives, INFORMATION SCIENCE, Internet, IP, IP networks, low-level packet language, packet switching, performance, PLAN, practical programmable packets, program compilers, Protection, resource control, Resource management, safe and nimble active packets, Safety, Security, SNAP, software IP router, Software performance, telecommunication security, Transport protocols

We present SNAP (safe and nimble active packets), a new scheme for programmable (or active) packets centered around a new low-level packet language. Unlike previous active packet approaches, SNAP is practical: namely, adding significant flexibility over IP without compromising safety and security or efficiency. In this paper we show how to compile from the well-known active picket language PLAN to SNAP, showing that SNAP retains PLAN's flexibility; give proof sketches of its novel approach to resource control; and present experimental data showing SNAP attains performance very close to that of a software IP router