Parallel set covering algorithms

TitleParallel set covering algorithms
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsSekar S, Reggia JA
Conference NameArtificial Intelligence Applications, 1988., Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on
Date Published1988/03//
KeywordsButterfly parallel processor system, irredundancy, Parallel algorithms, parsimonious set covering theory, set covering, set theory

The authors develop some parallel algorithms for set covering. A brief introduction is given into the parsimonious set covering theory, and algorithms using one type of parsimony called irredundancy are developed. They also discuss several machine-independent parallel constructs that are used to express the parallel algorithms. The algorithms were tested on the Butterfly parallel processor system. The authors present some of the tests conducted and their analyses. Finally, the merits and limitations of the algorithms that were identified during the tests are presented