Object detection via boosted deformable features

TitleObject detection via boosted deformable features
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsHussein M, Porikli F, Davis LS
Conference NameImage Processing (ICIP), 2009 16th IEEE International Conference on
Date Published2009/11//
Keywordsboosted, detection;object, detection;statistics;, detection;visual, ensembles;deformable, evidence;feature, extraction;object, features;human

It is a common practice to model an object for detection tasks as a boosted ensemble of many models built on features of the object. In this context, features are defined as subregions with fixed relative locations and extents with respect to the object's image window. We introduce using deformable features with boosted ensembles. A deformable features adapts its location depending on the visual evidence in order to match the corresponding physical feature. Therefore, deformable features can better handle deformable objects. We empirically show that boosted ensembles of deformable features perform significantly better than boosted ensembles of fixed features for human detection.