Nano-to-millimeter scale integrated systems

TitleNano-to-millimeter scale integrated systems
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsLast HR, Deeds M, Garvick D, Kavetsky R, Sandborn PA, Magrab EB, Gupta SK
JournalComponents and Packaging Technologies, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination338 - 343
Date Published1999/06//
ISBN Number1521-3331
Keywordsfabrication technology, In2m, integrated nano to millimeter system, micromechanical devices, nanotechnology

Over the last several years various industries have been developing nano, micro, and millimeter scale technologies, which have resulted in components ranging from quantum transistors, to widely commercialized integrated circuits, to microelectromechanical sensors. A common emphasis of these fabrication industries has been on the integration of different functions in miniaturized systems; however, the technology currently used to realize these systems is monolithic. A unique class of hybrid technology systems is Integrated nano to millimeter (In2m) systems. An In2m system typically has components spanning multiple sizes, diverse technology domains, and mixtures of electrical, mechanical, thermal, chemical, fluidic, and biological functions