Multimedia forensic hash based on visual words

TitleMultimedia forensic hash based on visual words
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsLu W, Wu M
JournalIEEE Computer Society International Conference on Image Processing
Pagination989 - 992
Date Published2010///

In recent years, digital images and videos have become in-creasingly popular over the internet and bring great social im-
pact to a wide audience. In the meanwhile, technology ad-
vancement allows people to easily alter the content of dig-
ital multimedia and brings serious concern on the trustwor-
thiness of online multimedia information. Forensic hash is a
short signature attached to an image before transmission and
acts as side information for analyzing the processing history
and trustworthiness of the received image. In this paper, we
propose a new construction of forensic hash based on visual
words representation. We encode SIFT features into a com-
pact visual words representation for robust estimation of geo-
metric transformations and propose a hybrid construction us-
ing both SIFT and block-based features to detect and localize
image tampering. The proposed hash construction achieves
more robust and accurate forensic analysis than prior work.