Multi-resolution Tracking in Space and Time

TitleMulti-resolution Tracking in Space and Time
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsRoy SD, Tran SD, Davis LS, Vikram BS
Conference NameComputer Vision, Graphics Image Processing, 2008. ICVGIP '08. Sixth Indian Conference on
Date Published2008/12//
Keywordsanalysis;image, coarse-to-fine, detection;, estimation;spatial, MOTION, moving, multiscale, object, resolution;object, searching;multiresolution, state-space, tracker;image, tracker;spatio-temporal, tracking;multilevel, tracking;position

This paper proposes efficient and robust methods for tracking a moving object at multiple spatial and temporal resolution levels. The efficiency comes from optimising the amounts of spatial and temporal data processed. The robustness results from multi-level coarse-to-fine state-space searching. Tracking across resolution levels incurs an accuracy-versus-speed trade-off. For example, tracking at higher resolutions incurs greater processing cost, while maintaining higher accuracy in estimating the position of the moving object. We propose a novel spatial multi-scale tracker that tracks at the optimal accuracy-versus-speed operating point. Next, we relax this requirement to propose a multi-resolution tracker that operates at a minimum acceptable performance level. Finally, we extend these ideas to a multi-resolution spatio-temporal tracker. We show results of extensive experimentation in support of the proposed approaches.