Multi-resolution Morse-Smale Complexes for Terrain Modeling

TitleMulti-resolution Morse-Smale Complexes for Terrain Modeling
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsDanovaro E, De Floriani L, Vitali M
Conference NameImage Analysis and Processing, 2007. ICIAP 2007. 14th International Conference on
Date Published2007/09//
Keywordscomplex;terrain, hierarchical, mapping;, modeling;terrain, modelling;terrain, morphology-based, morphology;image, morphology;solid, Morse-Smale, representation;image, representation;multiresolution, resolution;mathematical

We propose a hierarchical representation for the morphology of a terrain. The basis of our morphological model is a decomposition of the terrain model, composed of the stable and unstable manifolds defined by its critical points, called a Morse-Smale complex. We propose a compact dual representation of the Morse-Smale complex and we define new simplification operators of the terrain morphology, which act on such representation. Based on these operators, we define a hierarchical morphology-based representation for a terrain, that we call a Multi-resolution Morse-Smale Complex (MMSC). Results from our implementation of the MMSC are shown.