Modeling and Testing of Ethernet Transformers

TitleModeling and Testing of Ethernet Transformers
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsBowen D, Mayergoyz ID, Zhang Z, McAvoy P, Krafft C, Kroop D
JournalMagnetics, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination4793 - 4796
Date Published2009/10//
ISBN Number0018-9464
Keywordsarea, capacitance;differential-mode, characteristic;local, Ethernet, identification;lumped, inductances;lumped, networks;transformers;, PARAMETERS, phenomena;transformers, signals;leakage, testing;resonance, transfer, transformers;cross-winding

In this paper, novel techniques for the testing and identification of lumped parameters of equivalent circuits for Ethernet transformers are presented. It is demonstrated experimentally and theoretically that resonance phenomena may occur in the loop formed by leakage inductances and cross-winding capacitance. This resonance may corrupt the pass band of the transformers transfer characteristic for differential-mode signals.