Making Computer and Internet Usability a Priority (2000)

TitleMaking Computer and Internet Usability a Priority (2000)
Publication TypeReports
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsKreitzberg CB, Shneiderman B
Series TitleInstitute for Systems Research Technical Reports
Date Published2005///
KeywordsTechnical Report

As usability professionals, we are all too aware of the productivity losses, frustration, and lost business that results from poorly designed user interfaces. And we are uncomfortable with the risks created by poorly designed computer systems in life-critical applications such as air travel, medical care, and military applications. Yet despite the common sense of our approach, we still find it difficult to convince the technical and managerial communities that usability is a critical business parameter. While senior managers may support the concept of usability, project mangers and developers, coping with too tight schedules, often see it as a nicety that can be eliminated.