Machine Printed Text and Handwriting Identification in Noisy Document Images

TitleMachine Printed Text and Handwriting Identification in Noisy Document Images
Publication TypeReports
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsZheng Y, Li H, Doermann D
Date Published2003/09//
InstitutionUniversity of Maryland, College Park

In this paper we address the problem of the identification of text in noisy document images. We are especially focused on segmenting and identifying between handwriting and machine printed text because: 1) handwriting in a document often indicates corrections, additions, or other supplemental information that should be treated differently from the main content, and 2) the segmentation and recognition techniques requested for machine printed and handwritten text are significantly different. A novel aspect of our approach is that we treat noise as a separate class and model noise based on selected features. Trained Fisher classifiers are used to identify machine printed text and handwriting from noise, and we further exploit context to refine the classification. AMarkov Random Field (MRF) based approach is used to model the geometrical structure of the printed text, handwriting, and noise to rectify misclassifications. Experimental results show that our approach is robust and can significantly improve page segmentation in noisy document collections.