Joint security and robustness enhancement for quantization based data embedding

TitleJoint security and robustness enhancement for quantization based data embedding
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsWu M
JournalCircuits and Systems for Video Technology, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination831 - 841
Date Published2003/08//
ISBN Number1051-8215
Keywords(signal);, authentication;, binary, compensation;, data, data;, DETECTION, digital, distortion, distortion;, embedding;, encapsulation;, enhancement;, error, features;, hiding;, lookup, lookup;, LUT;, message, multimedia, nontrivial, probability;, quantisation, quantization, quantized, Robustness, run, Security, statistics;, systems;, table, table;, watermarking;

The paper studies joint security and robustness enhancement of quantization-based data embedding for multimedia authentication applications. We present an analysis showing that through a nontrivial run lookup table (LUT) that maps quantized multimedia features randomly to binary data, the probability of detection error can be considerably smaller than the traditional quantization embedding. We quantify the security strength of LUT embedding and enhance its robustness through distortion compensation. Introducing a joint security and capacity measure, we show that the proposed distortion-compensated LUT embedding provides joint enhancement of security and robustness over the traditional quantization embedding.