Intra-personal kernel space for face recognition

TitleIntra-personal kernel space for face recognition
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsZhou S, Chellappa R, Moghaddam B
Conference NameAutomatic Face and Gesture Recognition, 2004. Proceedings. Sixth IEEE International Conference on
Date Published2004/05//
Keywordsanalysis;, component, Expression, Face, facial, illumination, intra-personal, Kernel, lighting;, principal, probabilistic, probability;, recognition;, space;, variation;

Intra-personal space modeling proposed by Moghaddam et al. has been successfully applied in face recognition. In their work the regular principal subspaces are derived from the intra-personal spacce using a principal componen analysis and embedded in a probabilistic formulation. In this paper, we derive the principal subspace from the intro-personal kernel space by developing a probabilistic analysis for kernel principal components for face recognition. We test this algorithm on a subset of the FERET database with illumination and facial expression variations. The recognition performance demonstrates its advantage over other traditional subspace approaches.