Instrumenting home networks

TitleInstrumenting home networks
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsCalvert KL, Edwards KW, Feamster N, Grinter RE, Deng Y, Zhou X
JournalSIGCOMM Comput. Commun. Rev.
Pagination84 - 89
Date Published2011///
ISBN Number0146-4833
Keywordshome network management, home network troubleshooting

In managing and troubleshooting home networks, one of the challenges is in knowing what is actually happening. Availability of a record of events that occurred on the home network before trouble appeared would go a long way toward addressing that challenge. In this position/work-in-progress paper, we consider requirements for a general-purpose logging facility for home networks. Such a facility, if properly designed, would potentially have other uses. We describe several such uses and discuss requirements to be considered in the design of a logging platform that would be widely supported and accepted. We also report on our initial deployment of such a facility.