Incorporating manufacturability considerations during design of injection molded multi-material objects

TitleIncorporating manufacturability considerations during design of injection molded multi-material objects
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsBanerjee A, Li X, Fowler G, Gupta SK
JournalResearch in Engineering Design
Pagination207 - 231
Date Published2007///
ISBN Number0934-9839

The presence of an already molded component during the second and subsequent molding stages makes multi-material injection molding different from traditional injection molding process. Therefore, designing multi-material molded objects requires addressing many additional manufacturability considerations. In this paper, we first present an approach to systematically identifying potential manufacturability problems that are unique to the multi-material molding processes and design rules to avoid these problems. Then we present a comprehensive manufacturability analysis approach that incorporates both the traditional single material molding rules as well as the specific rules that have been identified for multi-material molding. Our analysis shows that sometimes the traditional rules need to be suppressed or modified. Lastly, for each of the new manufacturability problem, this paper describes algorithms for automatically detecting potential occurrences and generating redesign suggestions. These algorithms have been implemented in a computer-aided manufacturability analysis system. The approach presented in this paper is applicable to multi-shot and over molding processes. We expect that the manufacturability analysis techniques presented in this paper will help in decreasing the product development time for the injection molded multi-material objects.