Human Values for Shaping the Made World

TitleHuman Values for Shaping the Made World
Publication TypeBook Chapters
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsShneiderman B
EditorBaranauskas C, Palanque P, Abascal J, Barbosa S
Book TitleHuman-Computer Interaction – INTERACT 2007Human-Computer Interaction – INTERACT 2007
Series TitleLecture Notes in Computer Science
Pagination1 - 1
PublisherSpringer Berlin / Heidelberg
ISBN Number978-3-540-74794-9

Interface design principles have been effective in shaping new desktop applications, web-based resources, and mobile devices. Usability and sociability promote successful online communities and social network services. The contributions of human-computer interaction researchers have been effective in raising the quality of design of many products and services. As our influence grows, we can play an even more profound role in guaranteeing that enduring human values are embedded in the next generation of technology. This talk identifies which goals are realistic, such as universality, responsibility, trust, empathy, and privacy, and how we might ensure that they become part of future services and systems.