Hosting virtual networks on commodity hardware

TitleHosting virtual networks on commodity hardware
Publication TypeReports
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBhatia S, Motiwala M, Muhlbauer W, Valancius V, Bavier A, Feamster N, Peterson L, Rexford J
Date Published2008///
InstitutionGeorgia Institute of Technology

This paper describes Trellis, a software platform for hostingmultiple virtual networks on shared commodity hardware.
Trellis allows each virtual network to define its own topol-
ogy, control protocols, and forwarding tables, which low-
ers the barrier for deploying custom services on an isolated,
reconfigurable, and programmable network, while amor-
tizing costs by sharing the physical infrastructure. Trellis
synthesizes two container-based virtualization technologies,
VServer and NetNS, as well as a new tunneling mechanism,
EGRE, into a coherent platform that enables high-speed vir-
tual networks. We describe the design and implementation,
of Trellis, including kernel-level performance optimizations,
and evaluate its supported packet-forwarding rates against
other virtualization technologies. We are in the process of
upgrading the VINI facility to use Trellis. We also plan to
release Trellis as part of MyVINI, a standalone software dis-
tribution that allows researchers and application developers
to deploy their own virtual network hosting platforms.