High-performance MAC for high-capacity wireless LANs

TitleHigh-performance MAC for high-capacity wireless LANs
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsYuan Y, Gu D, Arbaugh WA, Zhang J
Conference Name13th International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks, 2004. ICCCN 2004. Proceedings
Date Published2004/10/11/13
ISBN Number0-7803-8814-3
Keywords35 Mbit/s, access protocols, Aggregates, Bandwidth, batch transmission, Computer science, Educational institutions, high-capacity wireless LAN, high-performance MAC, Laboratories, Local area networks, Media Access Protocol, opportunistic selection, Physical layer, probability, Throughput, Wireless LAN

The next-generation wireless technologies, e.g., 802.11n and 802.15.3a, offer a physical-layer speed at least an-order-of-magnitude higher than the current standards. However, direct application of current MACs leads to high protocol overhead and significant throughput degradation. In this paper, we propose ADCA, a high-performance MAC that works with high-capacity physical layer. ADCA exploits two ideas of adaptive batch transmission and opportunistic selection of high-rate hosts to simultaneously reduce the overhead and improve the aggregate throughput. It opportunistically favors high-rate hosts by providing higher access probability and more access time, while ensuring each low-rate host certain minimum amount of channel access time. Simulations show that the ADCA design increases the throughput by 112% and reduces the average delay by 55% compared with the legacy DCF. It delivers more than 100 Mbps MAC-layer throughput as compared with 35 Mbps offered by the legacy MAC