Hci for community and international development

TitleHci for community and international development
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsThomas J, Dearden A, Dray S, Light A, Best M, Arkin N, Maunder A, Kam M, Chetty M, Sambasivan N, Buckhalter C, Krishnan G
Conference NameSIGCHI EA '08
Date Published2008///
ISBN Number978-1-60558-012-8
Keywordscommunity design, ict4d, information and communication technology, international development, participatory design, ucd4id, User centered design

This workshop explores the challenges in applying, extending and inventing appropriate methods and contributions of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) to International economic and community Development. We address interaction design for parts of the world that are often marginalized by the Global North as well as people in the Global North who are themselves similarly marginalized by poverty or other barriers. We hope to extend the boundaries of the field of Human Computer Interaction by spurring a discussion on how existing methods and practices can be adapted and modified, and how new practices can be developed, to deal with the unique challenges posed by these contexts.