Handwriting matching and its application to handwriting synthesis

TitleHandwriting matching and its application to handwriting synthesis
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsZheng Y, Doermann D
Conference NameDocument Analysis and Recognition, 2005. Proceedings. Eighth International Conference on
Date Published2005/09/01/aug
Keywords(artificial, deformation, deformation;, handwriting, image, intelligence);, learning, learning;, matching;, point, recognition;, sampling;, SHAPE, synthesis;

Since it is extremely expensive to collect a large volume of handwriting samples, synthesized data are often used to enlarge the training set. We argue that, in order to generate good handwriting samples, a synthesis algorithm should learn the shape deformation characteristics of handwriting from real samples. In this paper, we present a point matching algorithm to learn the deformation, and apply it to handwriting synthesis. Preliminary experiments show the advantages of our approach.