A generic approach to simultaneous tracking and verification in video

TitleA generic approach to simultaneous tracking and verification in video
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsLi B, Chellappa R
JournalImage Processing, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination530 - 544
Date Published2002/05//
ISBN Number1057-7149
Keywordsapproach;, Carlo, configuration;, correspondence, data;, density, density;, estimated, estimation;, evaluation;, extraction;, Face, facial, feature, generic, human, hypothesis, image, measurement, methods;, Monte, object, performance, posterior, probability, probability;, problem;, processing;, propagation;, recognition;, road, sequence, sequences;, sequential, signal, space;, stabilization;, state, synthetic, temporal, testing;, tracking;, vector;, vehicle, vehicles;, verification;, video, visual

A generic approach to simultaneous tracking and verification in video data is presented. The approach is based on posterior density estimation using sequential Monte Carlo methods. Visual tracking, which is in essence a temporal correspondence problem, is solved through probability density propagation, with the density being defined over a proper state space characterizing the object configuration. Verification is realized through hypothesis testing using the estimated posterior density. In its most basic form, verification can be performed as follows. Given a measurement vector Z and two hypotheses H1 and H0, we first estimate posterior probabilities P(H0|Z) and P(H1|Z), and then choose the one with the larger posterior probability as the true hypothesis. Several applications of the approach are illustrated by experiments devised to evaluate its performance. The idea is first tested on synthetic data, and then experiments with real video sequences are presented, illustrating vehicle tracking and verification, human (face) tracking and verification, facial feature tracking, and image sequence stabilization.