GDDT--A graphical design and documentation tool for software development

TitleGDDT--A graphical design and documentation tool for software development
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1984
AuthorsRoussopoulos N, Kelley S
JournalComputers & Graphics
Pagination309 - 323
Date Published1984///
ISBN Number0097-8493

This paper describes "The Graphical Design and Documentation Tool" (GDDT), a general purpose support system for design and documentation. Self documentation and ease of use are presented as important criteria for such tools. Interactive graphics is introduced as a methodology for creating and maintaining hierarchical representations. The graphical representations of various requirements specification techniques and design tools are supported by an extended network model which supports hierarchical decomposition of structures. GDDT is proposed as a general purpose design tool which supports the most common logical constructions of both requirements specification and design methodologies and yet has a high level human interface which makes it easy to learn and use.