Extension of Spherical Harmonic Method to RF Transient Regime

TitleExtension of Spherical Harmonic Method to RF Transient Regime
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsLin CK, Goldsman N, Chang CH, Mayergoyz ID, Aronowitz S, Dong J, Belova N
JournalSimulation of semiconductor processes and devices 1998: SISPAD 98
Pagination42 - 42
Date Published1998///

The space and time dependent electron Boltzmann transport equation (BTE)is solved sclf-consistently with the Poisson and transient hole current-continuity
equation. A transient Spherical Harmonic expansion method is used to solve
the BTE. By this method we can efficiently solve the BTE in the RF regime to
observe how the complete distribution function responds to a rapid transient.
Calculations on a BJT, which give the time dependent distribution function
over a large energy range 0-3eV, throughout the device, as well as average
quantities, require only 40 minutes CPU time on an Alpha workstation.