Exploring the probabilistic design space of multimedia systems

TitleExploring the probabilistic design space of multimedia systems
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsHua S, Qu G, Bhattacharyya SS
Conference Name14th IEEE International Workshop on Rapid Systems Prototyping, 2003. Proceedings
Date Published2003/06/09/11
ISBN Number0-7695-1943-1
Keywordseconomic system prototyping, embedded software implementation, Embedded system, Energy consumption, execution time uncertainties, Hardware, multimedia embedded systems, multimedia system prototyping, multimedia systems, performance requirements, probabilistic design space, rapid system prototyping, Real time systems, real-time analysis, reasonable execution failure tolerance, Resource management, software prototyping, Space exploration, Streaming media, systems analysis, Timing, Uncertainty

In this paper, we propose the novel concept of probabilistic design for multimedia systems and a methodology to quickly explore such design space at an early design stage. The probabilistic design is motivated by the challenge of how to design, but not over-design, multimedia embedded systems while systematically incorporating such application's performance requirements, uncertainties in execution time, and tolerance for reasonable execution failures. Our goal is to bridge the gap between real-time analysis and embedded software implementation for rapid and economic (multimedia) system prototyping. Our method takes advantage of multimedia system's unique features mentioned above to relax the rigid hardware requirements for software implementation and eventually avoid over-designing the system.