Experimental models for validating technology

TitleExperimental models for validating technology
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsZelkowitz MV, Wallace DR
Pagination23 - 31
Date Published1998/05//
ISBN Number0018-9162
Keywordsattribute, development;software, engineering, engineering;, evaluation;computer, experimentation;technology, models;product, science;experimental, validation;product

Experimentation helps determine the effectiveness of proposed theories and methods. However, computer science has not developed a concise taxonomy of methods for demonstrating the validity of new techniques. Experimentation is a crucial part of attribute evaluation and can help determine whether methods used in accordance with some theory during product development will result in software being as effective as necessary. By looking at multiple examples of technology validation, the authors develop a taxonomy for software engineering experimentation that describes twelve different experimental approaches