Evolutionary dynamics of U12-type spliceosomal introns

TitleEvolutionary dynamics of U12-type spliceosomal introns
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsLin C-F, Mount SM, Jarmołowski A, Makałowski W
JournalBMC Evolutionary Biology
Pagination47 - 47
Date Published2010/02/17/
ISBN Number1471-2148

Many multicellular eukaryotes have two types of spliceosomes for the removal of introns from messenger RNA precursors. The major (U2) spliceosome processes the vast majority of introns, referred to as U2-type introns, while the minor (U12) spliceosome removes a small fraction (less than 0.5%) of introns, referred to as U12-type introns. U12-type introns have distinct sequence elements and usually occur together in genes with U2-type introns. A phylogenetic distribution of U12-type introns shows that the minor splicing pathway appeared very early in eukaryotic evolution and has been lost repeatedly.