Efficient evaluation of reverberant sound fields

TitleEfficient evaluation of reverberant sound fields
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsDuraiswami R, Gumerov NA, Zotkin DN, Davis LS
Conference NameApplications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics, 2001 IEEE Workshop on the
Date Published2001///
ISBN Number0-7803-7126-7
KeywordsAB algorithm, acoustic signal processing, architectural acoustics, audio signal processing, Computational modeling, Computer interfaces, Computer simulation, Educational institutions, image method, image sources, Impedance, Laboratories, microphone arrays, multipole expansions, Nails, performance evaluation, reverberant sound fields, reverberation, room reverberation, simulation, Simulations, speedup, virtual audio

An image method due to Allen and Berkley (1979) is often used to simulate the effect of reverberation in rooms. This method is relatively expensive computationally. We present a fast method for conducting such simulations using multipole expansions. For M real and image sources and N evaluation points, while the image method requires O(MN) operations, our method achieves the calculations in O(M + N) operations, resulting in a substantial speedup. Applications of our technique are also expected in simulation of virtual audio