Dynamic Layout Management in a Multimedia Bulletin Board (2002)

TitleDynamic Layout Management in a Multimedia Bulletin Board (2002)
Publication TypeReports
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsKang H, Shneiderman B, Wolff GJ
Series TitleInstitute for Systems Research Technical Reports
Date Published2005///
KeywordsTechnical Report

This paper proposes a novel user interface to manage the dynamic layout of multimedia objects in the Multimedia Bulletin Board (MBB) system. The MBB has been designed and implemented as a prototype of an asynchronous communication system that enables rich communication and collaboration among users of multimedia objects such as text, image, moving picture, sound, voice, web, office document, and other files. The layout properties of the multimedia objects on a board (e.g. x-y position, size, z-order, partial occlusion, explicit and implicit links, etc.) show important and useful information on the user dynamics occurring within a board. However, a fixed layout created and edited by multiple users may prevent users from recognizing and identifying useful information. This paper resolves this problem with a novel user-controlled layout strategy made visible with dynamic layout templates (DLT). Users can reorganize the objects to extract meaningful information related to time, source, geographic location, or topic.