A distributed algorithm for ear decomposition

TitleA distributed algorithm for ear decomposition
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsHannenhalli S, Perumalla K, Chandrasekharan N, Sridhar R
Conference Name, Fifth International Conference on Computing and Information, 1993. Proceedings ICCI '93
Date Published1993/05/27/29
ISBN Number0-8186-4212-2
KeywordsAsynchronous communication, asynchronous communication network, Automata, Communication networks, computational complexity, Computer networks, Computer science, decomposition graph, distributed algorithm, distributed algorithms, Distributed computing, Ear, ear decomposition, graph theory, message-optimal, network decomposition, sorting, Testing, time-optimal

A distributed algorithm for finding an ear decomposition of an asynchronous communication network with n nodes and m links is presented. At the completion of the algorithm either the ears are correctly labeled or the nodes are informed that there exists no ear decomposition. First we present a novel algorithm to check the existence of an ear decomposition which uses O(m) messages. We also present two other algorithms, one which is time-optimal and the other which is message-optimal to determine the actual ears and their corresponding numbers after determining the existence of an ear decomposition