Determining three dimensional transformation parameters from images: Theory

TitleDetermining three dimensional transformation parameters from images: Theory
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsIto E, Aloimonos Y
Conference Name1987 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation. Proceedings
Date Published1987/03//
KeywordsAutomation, Computational modeling, Educational institutions, Image motion analysis, Indium tin oxide, Linear systems, Motion estimation, Optical computing, Robots, Simulated annealing

We present a theory for the determination of the three dimensional transformation parameters of an object, from its images. The input to this process is the image intensity function and its temporal derivative. In particular, our results are: 1) If the structure of the transforming object in view is known, then the transformation parameters are determined from the solution of a linear system. Rigid motion is a special ease of our theory. 2)If the structure of the object in view is not known, then both the structure and transformation parameters may be computed through a hill climbing or simulated annealing algorithm.