Determining the causes of intradomain routing changes

TitleDetermining the causes of intradomain routing changes
Publication TypeReports
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsMedem A, Teixeira R, Feamster N, Meulle M
Date Published2009///
InstitutionUniversity Pierre and Marie Curie

This paper studies how intradomain routinginstability relates to events in network trouble tickets for
two networks: a VPN provider and the Internet2 backbone
network. Our goal in performing this joint analysis of
routing and trouble tickets is to better understand the
likely underlying causes of intradomain routing instability.
We develop a method to correlate trouble tickets with
instability events and find that, although unplanned events
last longer than scheduled maintenance, there is no single
underlying cause for most instability, and that these causes
differ across networks. In comparison to a similar study
from Labovitz et al. from ten years ago, we find that, while
certain causes of instability such as maintenance and circuit
problems remain significant, power issues have become
much less prevalent, and software-related problems have
become more common.